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Building the global all-in one race runner's booking platform

Purpose. Mission. Vision.

01 Purpose

Connect runners to the most valuable racing experiences

02 Mission

Excite and activate runners by helping them book races easier and train smarter.

03 Vision

Build the first all-in one global race booking platform that serves both runners and organizers

RunAgain is building the world's largest race running community by offering a combination of an All-in-one sign-up service & membership benefits for its members

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The product


Discover running events from all around the world


Runners book races easy and organizers sell their tickets


Serving runners to excel while save money

We exist to build the worlds most attractive meeting point for runners and organizers - to find, book tickets and discuss all running events

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Core team

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Carl-Otto Karlengen
CEO | Founder
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Alf Kalmar
CTO | Co-Founder
Team member
Sanna Øyre
Design & FrontEnd Dev. | Co-Founder
Team member
Emil Løvgren
Race Data Manager | Co-Founder

Board of runners

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Peter Kilburn
Commercial Director Nike HQ Europe
Team member
Geert Van der Velde,
Head of
Team member
Carl-Otto Karlengen
CEO | Founder