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Images say more than a thousand words

Add as many images as you like to present the uniqueness of your event to the runners. Images will be presented both in search results and at the top of the events landing page.

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Also detailed route maps with corresponding elevation profiles are valuable for runners looking for their next adventure. Add separate route maps for all distances in your event to help runners compare events.

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Visitors can mark your event as a favorite, and it will show up on their personal profile page. When the event details are updated, runners with this event as a favorite will receive notifications.

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Reviews and comments from event participants show the true essence of the event. Good reviews from fellow runners are worth more than any paid marketing campaigns. For curious runners looking for their next race, these first-hand experiences and testimonials from your event are truly valuable.

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Runners can also register for the event on RunAgain, and it will appear in their personal race plan for the year. We'll send reminders to keep training and leave a review after the race.

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