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Angers Klev Opp

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Angers Klev Opp

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8.1 km


Kyststien, Holmestrand, Holmestrand, Norway

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

225 m

Øvre Kleivan, Holmestrand

8.1 km

Holmestrand Run

Prize for winner

299 NOK

Kyststien, Holmestrand

Trail, Gravel


Welcome to Angers Klev Opp!

This is a race for everyone, whether you want to compete against the fastest, or just want to run for a walk in fantastic surroundings.

The trail starts where the Coastal Path starts (north of Holmestrand Fjordhotell), and runs 5 km along the Coastal Path in a northerly direction. From there it is 1 km uphill (approx. 200m), before running a 2 km round in the forest. The finish line is at the heart of Kløverstien (Øvre Kleivan). The trail is a total of 8.1 km.

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Angers Klev Opp has wonderful surroundings. The first 5 kilometers run on the old railway line right by the Oslo Fjord. Here you can enjoy the view and take a good breath of the fresh sea air. Further on, you come to Angers Klev, which is a pantry full of spring onions. As you soar upwards, you smell a faint smell of onion. Finally, you run on beautiful paths in a coniferous and deciduous forest. Here, it's just a matter of getting along! Good trip!🙂

Trail profile:

0-5 km: Flat/dirt road

5-6 km: Uphill/Forest path/Grave road

6-8 km: Varied/Forest path

Total 225 meters of elevation gain

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Holmestrand Run

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Angers Klev Opp

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