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BMI Cannonball #5

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BMI Cannonball #5

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7, 14, 21.1 km


Beder-Malling Borgercenter, Bredgade 5, 8340 Malling, Beder-Malling, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

25, 50, 75 m

7, 14, 21.1 km


BMI Løb & Motion

100 DKK

Beder-Malling Borgercenter, Bredgade 5, 8340 Malling

Asphalt, Gravel




BMI Running & Motion proudly presents the fifth edition of BMI Cannonball, which this time is part of the Martinsen Midtjysk Mini Major race series (separate registration for the race series).

The route starts at Egelundhallen between Beder and Malling, Bredgade 5, 8340 Malling (the race coincides with Beder-Malling Byfest, so you cannot park at the hall, but there are parking spaces in the area - more details in infomail). The race takes place over a circuit of 7.03 km, so that it is possible to run 7 and 14 km as well as an official half marathon. The distance is selected when registering on Sportstiming. The surface is asphalt and gravel paths, and the route is extremely flat. There is a depot after each lap (i.e. after 7, 14 and 21.097 km) – the depot will contain water, cola, sweets, chips and whatever else we come up with for fun. SuperBrugsen Malling and SuperBrugsen Beder will compete to provide good catering at the depot. EVERYONE is responsible for helping with clean-up - use the bags/buckets provided. After the race, we offer a small treat in the form of a goodie bag with sandwiches, cake and maybe some other goodies.

As always, the finish line includes a custom-made medal that Pokalforum in Beder has helped us with.

There is an opportunity to bathing and changing in Egelundhallen (not the swimming hall's changing room), where there are also toilets. It is possible to leave bags and bags in changing rooms, but at your own risk.

Max. completion time for the race is 3 hours, but Early Start is possible. Possibility of late registration on the day (+DKK 50), if not sold out. Max. number of participants: 150.

The start for all distances is at 9:00 a.m. Early Start at 8.00, 8.15, 8.30 and 8.45.

Price for all distances: DKK 100 (+ fee). There is a DKK 25 discount for members of the Danish Half Marathon Club - registrations are checked against the official membership list. Cheating results in cancellation of registration without refund.

Registration opens 1/1-2024.

If the race is cancelled, the participation fee will of course be refunded (but not the fee for Sportstiming).

The race is run according to the rules of the Danish Half Marathon Club and Klub 100 Half Marathon, i.e. autostop must be switched off on the stopwatch, and the time must not be stopped en route. The time is recorded at the finish line and announced as soon as possible on Sportstiming. The diploma can also be downloaded here afterwards. The general traffic rules must be observed - i.e. keep to the left on public roads and do not run next to each other on the road. There is one road crossing on the route (manned by officials), so keep a close eye and watch out for the traffic.

The route can be seen here:

Race numbers are used - with name, if you register no later than a week before the race.

Any questions can be directed to:

Pokalforum in Beder has provided us with invaluable help with the medals, and SuperBrugsen Malling and SuperBrugsen Beder will compete to deliver goodies and refreshments for the depot. Our usual supplier of food after the race, Café Klubånd, may be closed, but then another supplier will satisfy the hunger.

Ariana Blomster in Malling would like to be our sponsor again, and we are very happy about that.

Malling Pizza & Grill is also back as a sponsor, and we welcome them.

Martin Rådgivning & Revision is again a sponsor of the race this year, and we are very happy to have them on board. Martinsen is also a sponsor of the MMMM race series. At the race series MMMM, Nordisk CNC Service is also a medal sponsor.

As a sponsor this year we can welcome the bakery Briançon, which we greatly appreciate.

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BMI Cannonball #5

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