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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 km


Bypark Øst Kolding Koldinghave 11 6000 Kolding, Kolding, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

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Drink stations

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 km



Bypark Øst Kolding Koldinghave 11 6000 Kolding



During the winter holidays, we kick off the most wonderful children's race when we open the City Park in Kolding for a blast of a children's party with running and walking down the street!

We will have a great time with sweat on our foreheads and smiles on our faces and the kids can run 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 km (so you don't have to run the whole way...)

We are looking forward to a blast of a party with lots of children, who can enjoy themselves after the race with a sausage horn and juice from Easyfood.

Afterwards, the whole family can go to the Play Park and have fun, but you are also welcome to bring blankets and picnic baskets and have fun in the square :)

How far can I run?

1 km

2 km

3 km

4 km

5 km

6 km

Does my child have to run the whole way?

No, of course - it is allowed to walk along the way :)

What will my child get?

Delicious and safe route with flags that mark the way

Unique medals

Colorful diploma

Start number

Sausage horn from Easyfood

Water along the way

Can I run along as a parent or adult?

Yes, you can - either all the way or part of the way.

Register as an adult in the menu on the right and you will be given a start number. Registration is without a medal or diploma, but there is of course also a delicious sausage horn and a cup of coffee for you after the race.


10.00 = Number distribution starts in the Climate Pavilion in Kolding Bypark, East

10.45 = Number distribution closes

10.50 = Race briefing

11.00 = Start of all distances

13.00 = Thank you for today and enjoy the square

Max number:

200 participants (when sold out, no more tickets will be put up for sale due to the number of medals)

Raffle prize:

We have a huge number of gift cards from Kolding Storcenter as raffle prizes - Check the poster with the winners at the finish :)


See prices on the right under distances


Support our main sponsor Easyfood by following their Facebook page: Easyfood A/S and Instagram @ danishbakerydk and Kolding Storcenter


KriXrun cannot be held responsible for accidents, injuries or other complications during participation in the race. In other words, you participate at your own risk.

We encourage you to dress for the weather and point out that parts of the route can be dark and here you must tread carefully.

KriXrun does not give money back for the ticket and it is not possible to transfer your starting number to another event, but if you are prevented, you are welcome to transfer your number via sports timing (transfer number)

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