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AFLYST FunRun Barrit #8 Støtteløb Børne Cancer Fonden

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AFLYST FunRun Barrit #8 Støtteløb Børne Cancer Fonden

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21.1, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 km


Barrit Kultur og Idrætscenter, Kirkebro 4A, 7150 Barrit, Barrit, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

21.1, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 km



50 - 100 DKK

Barrit Kultur og Idrætscenter, Kirkebro 4A, 7150 Barrit




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FunRun Barrit #8 Support run Children's Cancer Foundation

Time: Sunday, September 24 at 10 a.m.

Place: Barrit Culture and Sports Center , Kirkebro 4A, 7150 Barrit

Distances: Half marathon, 3 km, 6 km, 9 km, 12 km, 15 km, 18 km

Participants max: 50 people


Adults: DKK 100

Children/young people under 18: DKK 50

Entry fee from this race goes 100% via my fundracer collection "Flemming Østergaard CPH Marathon collection 2024" to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

If you want to support the Children's Cancer Foundation with a larger amount, it can be done directly on my Fundracer collection - link appears on the website

Meals during the race: Cola, water, sweets and salt

After the race there is also cake and a glass of milk from Barrit Mejeri.

Medal for all paying participants.

The race counts in the Klub100 Half Marathon


SMS to Flemming Østergaard 30313319 - write please race date, distance (HM or round (3-18 km)) and full name

- only upon confirmation that there is a place is the DKK 100 entry fee sent via mobilepay to box 1031HU (FunRunByFlemming). Remember name and race date in reference.

Routes: Today's race has 2 routes

"Staksrode/Rand" approx. 9 km and "Den lille korte" approx. 3 km

The routes are marked with orange wire flags, arrow signs and street chalk

Half marathon: 2 * approx. 9 km plus a final round approx. 3 km

Lap free choice between the 2 routes and they can be combined - (3 km, 6 km, 9 km, 12 km, 15 km, 18 km)

Practical INFO:

Toilet at the start / finish

Option to change clothes and shower after the race

Run at your own risk and apply traffic regulations.

The race is held according to current Klub100HM rules.

\ n (If there are less than 5 participants, the right is reserved to cancel the race)

Results list can be seen after the race on the website under the "Results" tab

The entry fee is not refunded in case of cancellation, but the entry number may be passed on to another.

The race is run as a Cannonball race. Each participant is responsible for their own registration of time. At the end of the race, the time is added to the results list, which is subsequently published here on the page.

NOTE. You run at your own risk and photos are taken in connection with the race, which can subsequently be viewed here on the page.

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AFLYST FunRun Barrit #8 Støtteløb Børne Cancer Fonden

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