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Haverslev Byfestløb og Klavs halvmarathon nr. 200

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Haverslev Byfestløb og Klavs halvmarathon nr. 200

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21.1, 10.6, 5.3, 1.6 km


Haverslev Hallen, Strandvejen 21, 9610 Nørager, Haverslev, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

21.1, 10.6, 5.3, 1.6 km


Fun for Fun

Prize for winner

75 DKK

Haverslev Hallen, Strandvejen 21, 9610 Nørager




Come and join us in celebrating Klavs who is running his 200th half marathon and Haverslev city festival run 2023 - the race is in and around Haverslev city.


At 17.30 (Early start at 17.15) Start half marathon (Klavs is expected to finish at approx. 19.45)

18.00 Start Children's run - One mile (1.6 km)

At 18.30 Start Children's and adults' run, and walk, 5-10 km

The route:

The run is a round run, which is run in and around the city of Haverslev. Each lap is 5.3 km (half marathon = 4 laps and 10.6 km = 2 laps). You run alternately one way and the other around.


There is an opportunity to change and shower.


You run according to the Cannonball principle. The runners themselves are responsible for registering on arrival, just as you are responsible for registering your time immediately after the race.

Start list: ./15.8.2023

Klavs Pedersen

Klavs Nielsen - Early

Pia Nielsen - Early

Mikkel Ramussen

Tanja Nørgaard - Early

Stefan Horslev - Early

Jon Jepsen

Thomas Mörck

Brian Filtenborg

Betina Røjen - Early

Sabine Petersen

Henrik Bo Pedersen

Maria Paaske - Early

Tina Petersen - Early

Vibeke Norvin

Torben Munksgaard

Allan Sørensen

Thomas Christensen

Mette Finnerup - Early

Niels Mose

Palle Johansen

Søren Lykke

Mette Christensen

Inge Jensen

Karsten Skriver - Early

Martin Degn Ovesen

Hanne Garder

Torben Thrysøe

Anne-Brit Thorlak

Maria Sørensen

n Charlotte Højgaard Kristensen - Early

Kasper Engel Hedegaard

Peter Baade Andersen - Early

Elisabeth Sehested - Early

Puk Jensen

Benny Højgaard Kristensen

Jakob Pilgaard Andersen - Early

Tom Sand Egeskov - Early

Lene Ladekjær

Torben Halkjær

Allan Hansen - Early

Ole Nyrup Kristensen

Pia Marcussen - Early

Søren Thorlak

Peter Jakobsen

Stine Bundgaard

Heine Laursen

Martin Stavun

Stefan Larsen

10 km:

Marion Kronbo

Else Rasmussen

Kirsten Iversen

Helle Gundersen

Lissy Hansen

Lene Kristensen

Lisbeth Bjørn

Erik Valbjørn

Palle Støvring

Troels Hansen

Jesper Kjær

Ann Marie Simonsen

Sanne Varshøj

Karina Madsen

Lone Lambæk Ovesen

Hardy Kristensen

5-10 km:

Helle Kjær

Benedicte Garder

Stinna Larsen

Lene Støvring

Jytte Kristensen

Result list:


Half marathon and 10.6 km - DKK. NOK 75 The price includes Medal, diploma, catering with water, cola, sweets, chips, fruit, and after the race there is a beer/water and sausage with bread - and coffee and cake 😊

10.6 km - DKK. NOK 35 The price includes Diploma, deposit, juice, fruit, coffee and cake. Medal can be purchased additionally (DKK 25)

5.3 km – DKK. NOK 25. The price includes Diploma, juice, fruit, coffee and cake. Medal can be purchased additionally (DKK 25)


For half marathon and 10 km on Mobilepay 7745NY "Klavs 200 and city festival run" - remember name and distance. No pre-registration for 5 km, registration takes place on the day

Start location:

Haverslev Hallen, Standvejen 21, Haverslev, 9610 Nørager


If you need additional information, please contact Joan Straarup – tel. 6130 1277

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Haverslev Byfestløb og Klavs halvmarathon nr. 200

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