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Havn 2 Havn

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Havn 2 Havn

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10.6, 21.1, 42.2 km


Sæby, Sæby, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

10.6, 21.1, 42.2 km


Løb 4 Sagen

125 DKK


Trail, Sand, Asphalt




Sæby - Frederikshavn

Date: 06.07.2024  

Start at: 08.30

Price regardless of distance: DKK 125.00 

\ n Distances: 42.2 / 21.1 / 10.6 km

Walk: 10.6 / 21.1 km

--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------\ n

Welcome to Havn 2 Havn Running Tour....

Under this name and concept, we will go around Danish ports with our mobile running office and tent. We will offer beautiful and interesting routes, with many different possibilities for participation.

---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

Welcome to this.... Nonprofit Start & Target area....With maybe.. Denmark's best view.

Maritime atmosphere and own VIP beach area at Sæby Harbor .

Sæby The pearl of the East coast....has the Kattegat as a lovely neighbor, a neighbor that gives this race dimensions.

The race has a start and finish at the harbor in Sæby, more precisely at the Sæby Kayak Club's forecourt. Only a few meters from here there is a fantastic bathing beach. So here there is plenty of opportunity to have a dip after the race, or take the whole family on a run/beach trip in Sæby...we have plenty of space for fun on the beach and the harbour.

The race starts in Sæby and goes north along the Kattegat on the seafront, on the beach, on paths and cycle paths to Frederikshavn. On the route you pass, among other things, the remains of a bunker facility from World War II. Søsportshavnen in Frederikshavn is the destination after 10.6 km - here is the depot and here the race then turns back home to the harbor in Sæby.

Summer, sun, sand and water, seasoned with a maritime harbor environment.... this is Havn 2 Havn .

Well, of course there is a Havne plate on the menu when you reach the finish line, with accompanying cold drinks. As well as a 70 mm Martim Havn 2 Havn medal

You also have an option to run or walk Havn 2 Havn of 10.6 km. Here the race starts at Søsportshavnen in Frederikshavn and ends like all other distances in Sæby.

Info: 10.6 km Start in Frederikshavn...arrange a carpool.

Start and finish: The square in front of Sæby Row & Kayak Club

Address: Havnen 3 9300 Sæby

Harbor guide - Info about the area:

Distances: 10.6km - 21.1km - 42.2 km

Early start: 21.1 km - for those who run in more than 2.15..

Start times:

At: 08.30 Marathon

At: 08.30 Walk 21.1 km

At: 10.00 21.1 km Early\ n

Time: 10.30 21.1 km

Time: 11.00 Walk 10.6 km Søsportshavnen

Time: 11.15 Run 10.6 km Søsportshavnen

You get:

Special Maritim Havn 2 Havn medal - Well-marked route - Depot catering - Diploma key yourself - Menu after the race - Sun and lots of fresh air - VIP access to beach/bathing area 5o m from the finish line

Catering: We promise that no one will drive home with rumbling stomachs. The menu will consist of something from the grill. / Beer & Water.MM

Max. time for participation:

21 km: 3 hours

42 km: 6 hours

Max participant: 300

Depot: At start / finish / 10.6 km - water depot half way

Changing clothes: Possible.

Toilet: Many public ones at the harbor

Bathing: Free in the sea - possible for a fee at the harbor

Bring the whole family to Sæby for: Run / Relaxation / Bathing / Shopping / Lots of lovely fresh air

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Havn 2 Havn

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