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Knarvik Maraton

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Knarvik Maraton

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21.1, 42.2 km


Knarvik Stadion, Knarvik, Norway

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21.1, 42.2 km



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Knarvik Stadion



Unleash Your Inner Marathoner at Knarvik Maraton 2024!

🏆 Featuring the NM Maraton in Collaboration with FIL AKS-77 and Knarvikmila:

Join us for the ultimate running experience as FIL AKS-77, in collaboration with Knarvikmila, proudly presents the NM Maraton for all classes (18 - veteran) in Knarvik. Taking place on Saturday, June 22, 2024, this event promises a thrilling marathon challenge for members of athletics clubs. The excitement doesn't stop there – Knarvik Maraton also welcomes participants of all levels with a dedicated half marathon during the event.

🚀 Event Details:

• Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024

• Marathon / NM Maraton Start: 12:00 PM

• Half Marathon Start: 1:00 PM

• Start/Finish: Knarvik Stadion

🌍 Scenic Route Around Knarvik Stadion:

Embark on an epic journey through a relatively flat and picturesque 5274m circuit around Knarvik Stadion. Marathoners will conquer this loop 8 times, while half marathon participants will complete it 4 times. The route offers a perfect blend of challenge and scenic beauty in the Knarvik Stadion vicinity.

🏅 Awards Galore:

• NM Maraton participants vie for the prestigious NM medal, with awards presented to the top 3 in each class (women and men). Refer to NM regulations for more details.

• Knarvik Maraton (marathon/half marathon) doesn't just test your endurance but also rewards it! Cash prizes await the top 3 women and men finishers.

🥤 Stay Hydrated Along the Way:

Expect 3 well-equipped drink stations on each round, providing a total of 24 opportunities to quench your thirst. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of an individual drink station inside Knarvik Stadion, passed 8 times throughout the race.

🗺️ Course Map:

Visualize the challenge ahead with a 5274m circuit, conquered 8 times for the marathon and 4 times for the half marathon. The course promises a perfect blend of excitement and endurance.

🎉 Be a Part of Knarvik Maraton 2024 - Where Every Step Tells a Story! 🎉

Mark your calendars, lace up those running shoes, and join us for an unforgettable day of camaraderie, achievement, and scenic beauty. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting your running journey, Knarvik Maraton welcomes all to the thrill of the race! 🏅🏁

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Knarvik Maraton

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