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Hvalsø Cannonball #47 - On tour Hørsholm Kommune

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Hvalsø Cannonball #47 - On tour Hørsholm Kommune

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21.1 km


Stadionalle 14, 2960 Rungsted Kyst, Hørsholm, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet
Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

21.1 km


Hvalsø Cannonball

50 DKK

Stadionalle 14, 2960 Rungsted Kyst

Gravel, Trail, Asphalt


Hvalsø Cannonball goes on tour to Hørsholm Municipality - the route kindly borrowed from Kokkedal Marathon - a race that is also worth visiting.

Distance is half marathon or laps.

Rounds, you can adjust the distance yourself, as the different colors of the route have different lengths. Read more about the routes here

There is deposit and medal for all participants. Price DKK 50 regardless of distance

Registration to Write name and distance.

Participation fee is paid at mobilepay box 2229VL

The depot is unmanned during the race.

Start and finish at the parking lot at Rungsted Gymnasium, Stadionalle 14, 2960 Rungsted Kyst.

The race starts at . 4:30 p.m. It is possible to start at 16.00, if there are at least 5 runners in the half marathon at 4:30 p.m. Otherwise, everyone starts at 16.30. There is a time limit of 3 hours from 16.30, as it gets dark at 19.00 Do you expect to finish after 19.00, then it would be a good idea to have a headlamp.

There is running on marked exercise routes in Hørsholm Municipality, The routes are run in the order blue, red, green, yellow and black. HM ends with an extra round on yellow.

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Hvalsø Cannonball #47 - On tour Hørsholm Kommune

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