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Kukkovaaran maraton Tohmajärvellä

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Kukkovaaran maraton Tohmajärvellä

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42.2 km


, Kukkovaaran, Finland

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42.2 km



tapahuma on facebook:

The Kukkovaara run is a traditional event organized by the Värtsilä race. This year on 24.9.

The route description from their website

You can challenge yourself and compete in the Kukkovaara run. The route is about 11 km. The longest continuous ascent of the Kukkovaara run is 800 meters and the descent after this is 1500 meters, otherwise the route is varied with ascents and descents. So you get to test the hill running features up and down. The route meanders along village roads and forest roads, open landscapes that soothe the soul open before the eyes and the colors of autumn fall fill the landscape, you can hear the sand crunching under your feet.

So the best marathon route for Father's Day! At the 4x Kukkovaara marathon, the direction of the circuit changes after each lap (Mikko Merihaara asked the Running group if there is any event where the second lap is run in the opposite direction) so this should be organized. You can start on one, two or four discs, and the last mentioned one has the possibility of a mono, double or triple negative split.

The event is self-organized and is known to be the largest marathon ever organized in Tohmajärvi.

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Patsolantie 11, 82655 Tohmajärvi

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Kukkovaaran maraton Tohmajärvellä

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