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21.1 km


Søvangsvej 13 9300 Sæby, Sæby, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

25 m

21.1 km


Løb 4 Sagen

90 DKK

Søvangsvej 13 9300 Sæby

Asphalt, Trail



Date: 17.04.2024  

Start at: 17.30

Start at: 17.00 Early ( + 2.15 )

Price regardless of distance: DKK 90.00

Distances: 21.1 / 15.9 / 10.6 / 5.3 km

Welcome to the Munkeløbet......

The race itself has a start and finish at Løb 4 Sagen's clubhouse in Sæby

We will get around Sæby south / east.... on a circuit of 5.3 km which is almost flat.

A nice route with changing and good running surface......

The route is well marked with wire flags and arrow markings in the surface.

All participants can under the race is serviced from the depot located at the start and finish area.

After the race, it is possible to refuel at the depots with a menu.

Why is it called the Monk Run?

Let's be has nothing to do with Monks do.

But 10 kg of flour and some nice comments play a decisive role here.

Kristina Højgaard from - Run 4 Sagen - participated in the Syd Bank Run ... a charity run in Aalborg. Here she was the lucky winner of a 10 kg bag of flour from the Havnemøllerne.

Certain people who were in the race were very rude and witty towards Kristina, here they hinted.....Well now you must have a Monk run (ha..ha..ha)

Spontaneous......Well.... we'll see that

Welcome to Monk run, fun and baked goods

Come and join us to make a difference....

The association Løb 4 Sagen Nonprofit has a slogan...Space for all and Use for all.....

This has resulted in a larger amount that is to make a difference in cancer research.

Løb 4 Sagen saw the light of day in 2021 and has since donated over DKK 250,000

This amount comes from happy participants and happy sponsors who stand behind Løb 4 Sagen.

\ n Start and finish: Run 4 Sagen's Klubhus

Address: Søvangsvej 13 9300 Sæby


5.3km - 10.6km - 15.9km - 21.1km

Start times:

At 17.00 Half marathon Early start

At 17.30 Half Marathon

17.30 All other distances

You get:

Munke medal in metal - Marked route - Depot catering - Diploma key yourself - Munke menu with misc. drink - Hygge ad libitum - Raffle prizes

Menu: Things that can be conjured up by 10 kg of Monk flour.

(we promise, as we always do....... no one goes home with growling stomachs )

Max. time for participation: 3 hours

Max. number of participants:

Prizes: Drawn from among all participants

Parking: In the street or at Cirkuspladsen Solsbækvej 49 9300 Sæby ( 100 m from the start )

Depot: At the start/finish

Changing clothes: Possible .. but without a bath

Toilet: Yes..

Nonprofit: Yes of course

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