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North Sea Ultra

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North Sea Ultra

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111 km


Kampen, Kampen, Sylt, Germany

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Key Information

Drink stations

111 km


149 - 299 EUR


Asphalt, Sand, Gravel



A tour around Germany’s most beautiful island!

We are thrilled to invite you to embark on a breathtaking journey through Germany's most beautiful island - Sylt!

Your opponents? Only you, the wind, and the weather.

Unparalleled moments await you: Through the nature reserve around Germany’s northernmost point at Ellenbogen, along the Wadden Sea, accompanied by the tides, through the ports of List and Hörnum, Sylt life in Keitum, solitary moments at Morsum Cliff and Rantum Basin, and the bustling life in Westerland. All in one race!

Event Highlights

✨ Sylt in a Day:

• Embrace the challenge against your opponents: You, the wind, and the weather.

🌅 Scenic Route:

• Ellenbogen: Germany’s northernmost point in a Nature Reserve.

• Wadden Sea: Accompanied by tides and breathtaking views.

• Vibrant harbors: Explore List and Hörnum.

• Sylt Life: Discover Keitum's charm, Morsum Cliff, and Rantum Basin.

• Westerland: Experience bustling life in Sylt's main hub.

📍 Start and Finish in Kampen:

• Begin and end your journey in scenic Kampen, the mecca for nature lovers.

• Jet-setters welcome: Immerse yourself in Sylt's unique atmosphere.

🍽️ Refreshment Points:

• 14 points: Communities and Sylt businesses ensure you're well-taken care of.

🏞️ Flat Course Challenges:

• Enjoy a flat course, but beware of the wind challenges.

• Stiff Breeze Alert: Sometimes, it feels like 1,000 meters in elevation.

🌍 UTMB® World Series Index Race:

• International Recognition: A race that stands out on the UTMB® World Series Index.

🕕 Race Schedule:

• Start: Kampen

- 06:00: Ultramarathon

- 06:30: Relay

• Finish: Kampen

- 23:00


• Ultra: 16h (approx. 8:40 min/km)

• Relay: 16h (approx. 8:40 min/km)

🏁 Events / Races:

• Single Ultramarathon (111km)

• 2-person relay (71km/40km)

• 3-person relay (37km/34km/40km)

🎒 Drop-Bag / Relay Change:

• Kampen: @ 35 km

• Rantum: @ 72 km

🌅 Prepare for an Unforgettable Sylt Adventure!

Are you ready to conquer the North Sea Ultra Marathon? Lace up your shoes and join us for an unforgettable experience.

Save the Date: 4 MAY 2024

Register now and become part of the Sylt legacy!

Photos: the photographer (Ingo Kutsche) (social media @ingokutsche) credit © Ingo Kutsche

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North Sea Ultra

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