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Odysseus på Språng

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Odysseus på Språng

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42 km


Subtopia, Alby, Huddinge, Botkyrka, Sweden

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Drink stations

Tonsalen, Huddinge

42 km

Teater Sláva

Subtopia, Alby

Trail, Asphalt, Gravel



On September 23, 2023, Teater Sláva performs the epic adventure drama "Odysseus on the Run". The show, or rather the event, is based on Homer's more than 2700-year-old poem about Odysseus, king of Ithaca, who after 10 years of war in Troy just wanted to come home. On September 23rd, through "Odysseus on the Run", we bring to life the 10 years at sea that the gods punished him with before he could see his Ithaca again. For a whole day, Odysseus and his men wearing running shoes will struggle through forests and meadows, asphalt and residential suburbs, wandering around the environment around Alby, Farsta and Rågsved. After completing a marathon of 4.2 miles, they finally reach their Ithaca at Tonsalen in Huddinge. There, life for the whole day (the ten years) has rolled on for his queen Penelope. How many of Odysseus' men are still alive when he arrives? Does Penelope even know him through? At least there is a kebab roll to push after fighting and fighting for two decades?

"Odysseus on the Run" is part of Teater Sláva's 30th anniversary celebration and you who buy a ticket to the event are welcome to participate! Half the municipality and all the cultural workers the theater knows are invited to participate in different ways during the event with art, music, choir and coffee, and as an extra layer of artistic chaos, everything will be filmed live, cut and streamed into the air. You can participate as a runner in the role of one of Odysseus' men or as a spectator at the various game locations or as an observer in Penelope's home at Tonsalen, which is alive throughout the event. As a runner, you do not have to run the entire marathon distance, but can choose one or more distances according to interest and fitness. The event starts at 12:00 in Alby for the runners and is expected to end at about 9 pm at Tonsalen, Huddinge.

Odysseus on the run can be experienced in a variety of ways. As an audience at the Tonsalen, out in the various places, on the phone, but above all as a fellow runner in the race. Follow along as one of Odysseus' men through Sörmland's nature and suburbs.

As a runner, you can choose to follow along the whole way, all 42 kilometers. Or to jump on a bit on the way.

The full stretch is divided into five songs. Different lengths and challenging in different ways.

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Odysseus på Språng

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