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PE Maraton #25

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PE Maraton #25

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42.2, 28, 21.1, 14, 7 km


Ugandavej 184, 2770 Kastrup, Kastrup, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet
Bannerbilde for løpet

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27, 21, 0, 0, 0 m

42.2, 28, 21.1, 14, 7 km


PE Maraton

75 DKK

Ugandavej 184, 2770 Kastrup

Asphalt, Gravel, Trail


Briefing and start photo at 7.50. 📢📸

(Max. 50 participants)

See start list via link on our Facebook page


Start fee: DKK 75 incl. medal and base depot with water, soda, chocolate etc. Bring your own depot if you have special preferences.

Registration on MobilePay to 60662442. Write the date or race number, as well as the distance you want to run. You can register for the distances marathon, half marathon, 28 km, 14 km and 7 km.

When we receive your payment, you are guaranteed a place on the start list. There is a cut-off of 6 hours for the marathon. In case of cancellation later than 24 hours before the start, the entry fee is not refunded.

DKK 25 of the entry fee is donated to help school children in the Philippines. 😃🙏


PE Marathon is a cannonball race in and around Pinseskoven at Kalvebod Fælled. The route is a circuit of 7.1 km. See attached route maps. The surface is mixed with equal parts asphalt, gravel and forest paths.


Meeting place: Ugandavej 184, 2770 Kastrup. Enter through the red gate, where a pavilion has been set up.


Klub 100 Marathon and Half Marathon Denmark's rules for ranking qualifying cannonball races apply. This means, among other things:

1. The runner himself is responsible for having his finish time measured.

2. The watch must not be stopped during the journey.

3. The watch's autopause function must be deactivated.


NB : When you register, you give PE Marathon permission to publish your name on the participant list as well as your result.

The result list will be posted on, and on our Facebook event.

Furthermore, you give permission that any photos from the races, such as the start photo and photos from outside the route, may be posted on our Facebook page and possibly shared in other relevant groups.


We cannot promise that our pavilion will be supervised from time to time during the race, so leaving personal belongings is at your own risk. Likewise, participation is at your own risk. There is no toilet or changing room, but you can use the surrounding nature at Kalvebod Fælled.

We also ask you as participants to show consideration for other people and animals who may be out enjoying nature like us.

We look forward to us to see you! 😊🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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PE Maraton #25

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