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Randers Fjord Færge Fart

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Randers Fjord Færge Fart

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42.2 km


Øster Tørslev, Øster Tørslev, Randers, Denmark

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42.2 km



75 DKK

Øster Tørslev



Randers Fjord Ferry Marathon IV


Randers Fjord Ferry Marathon is a GPX marathon, that is to say the route is NOT marked and it is run according to a GPX file. It is important that you read it ALL, including the fine print, before you sign up.

The race is an experience race, so forget about the time and enjoy the ride.

The race is a long route, with a varying surface such as, asphalt, gravel, sand and grass. On the trip, Rander Fjord must be crossed twice, first with the cable ferry Udbyhøj and later with Ragna. There are no depots on the tour, so you have to bring your own energy with you. There are no shopping opportunities on the trip. There will be several opportunities to fill up with water along the route.

Max number of participants: 19 people

Starting place: Øster Tørslev church, Kirkevej 1C 8983 Gjerlev J

When: Wednesday 19 July. Info and start image at 5:45. Start at 6:00.

Entry fee: DKK 75, which covers a special medal, ferry tickets and a beer/water after the race.

Registration via SMS to 21257457 or Do not send the participant the fee until it is confirmed that you have a place.

The fine print

By registering, you agree that you participate at your own risk and that the organizer cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage or lost effects during the race. It is agreed that if you drop out during the race, you yourself are responsible for getting back to the start, however the organizer would like to provide the service of picking up any dropped out participants AFTER he himself has reached the finish line. In case of no-show or cancellation, the start fee is NOT paid. However, you are welcome to sell your place to another party if you have been prevented from participating. In the event of weather conditions that cause the ferry service to be suspended, the race will be moved to another and more boring location, here the simple participants will be financially compensated, although not with the full amount. As always, it is run according to klub100marathon's rules, however, you must pay particular attention that the clock must NOT be stopped en route, NOR when you are waiting for the ferries, nor ON BOARD the ferries, which have been added extra on the route to compensate for the sailing. REMEMBER that the route is pure GPX, i.e. no markings.

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Randers Fjord Færge Fart

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