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Rundt om begge søer

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Rundt om begge søer

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42.3 km


P pladsen Søholmvej, Aarhus, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

250 m

42.3 km


Østjysk Cannonball

55 DKK

P pladsen Søholmvej

Gravel, Asphalt


Both marathon and half-marathon are run this day.

Max 30 participants in full and 31 participants in half-marathon

Half-marathon sold out.

We run both around Lake Brabrandsøen and Årslev Engsø. Location: The car park on Søholmvej, where parking will be available and where the start will also take place.

Start: at 16:30 Short briefing at 16:20

Price: DKK 55.

Send an email to and you will receive information about payment. ATTENTION No waiting list will be created.

Medal/diploma: for everyone who completes his distance.

You must bring what you need to complete the race yourself. (Own depot)

We run on 2 routes of 11.2 around Lake Brabrandsøen and 10 km around Årslev Engsø. It must be run twice for a marathon, and once for a half marathon.

There will be out on the route, approx. halfway around both lakes, be a bottle of spring water for each participant. In addition, we hit the start and finish area on Søholmvej after 11.2 km and 21.2 km on each lap.

Max. time for completion 05:30:00.

There will be refreshments for everyone after the race and whatever else we come up with.

Age limit - min 16 years.

In case of cancellation, the entry fee will not be refunded.

Timing: You are responsible for yourself, watch at the depot and schedule for the end time.

You run at your own risk and misc. traffic rules must be observed. There is no opportunity to shower after the race, but there is a toilet on the route.

The race is run according to Klub 100 Marathon Danmark's rules and Klub 100 half. The race will be posted on where the results will also be posted after the race.

We may post photos at the event - if you do not want to be in these photos, please send a message and we will of course fully respect this.

Best running greetings: Jakob Diget and Trine Bødiker

Participants Marathon:

Jakob Diget, 4.09.15

Jørgen Jakobsen, 3.52.22

Mette Brinck, DNS

Lars Michael Rasmussen, 3.52.22

Henriette Hansen, 4.25.44

Lone Dyrholm, 3.52.22

Vagn Kirkelund. 4.53.12

Peter Krabbe, 3.42.31

Rasmus Ladefoged, 3.27.59

Katja Andreasen, 4.40.00

Half marathon participant:

Pia Marcussen, 1.59.00

Lasse Mikkelsen, 1.59.00

Flemming Nielsen, 2.23.50

Jimmi Dalby, 2.05.47

Ditte Rafn, 2.05.47

Anders Kjems, 1.40.00

Sven Toppenberg, 2.01.06

Michael Ellemose Povlsen, 1.44.33\ n Rikke Marie Moltke, 2.31.47

Hanne Skov Andersen, 2.31.47

Jane Egbo, 2.31.47

Jan Pinderup, 1.49.13

Lene Biller Andersen, 2.01.32

Morten Ebbesen, 1.49.30

Kim Nymark, 1.54.22

Jens Peter Jensen, 1.43.28

Jan Frederiksen, 1.49.09

Mads Hartvigsen, 2.05.48

Jesper Hyldgaard Mogensen, 2.09.00

Per Jørgensen, 1.38.27

Ole Jørgensen, 1.42.52

Britt Guldborg, 1.57.00

Torben Sibbern, 1.57.00

Victor Seliger, 1.57.00

Søren Axelsen, 1.57.00

Mads Hansen, 1.57.00

Nina Kronborg, 2.29.39

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Rundt om begge søer

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