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Ruosniemen Backyard Ultra

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Ruosniemen Backyard Ultra

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6.7, 50 km


Ruosniemen kuntorata / laskettelukeskus, Pori, Finland

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6.7, 50 km

Ruosniemen kuntorata / laskettelukeskus



Ruosniemi Backyard Ultra 2024, Pori

We are organizing a Backyard Ultra in Ruosniemi, Pori on 29 March 2024

The idea of the race is simple: go around the 6.706 km circuit until there is only one runner left. Each round always starts on the same hour, and the runner stays in the race as long as he can make it in time for the new round.

Date: 29.3.2024

Time: start at 09:00

Place: Ruosniemi fitness track / skiing center

Address: Myyrynkuja, 28220 Pori


The route goes around the fitness track next to the Ruosniemi skiing center. A route has been requested from the track, an "underlap" with a length of 2236 meters. These three sub-circuits, the total distance of which is required to be 6706 meters, must be completed in less than an hour. If you don't make it to the finish line by the time limit, the race is DNF for your part or ESJM for Finns 🙂

At every even hour, the race starts again and those remaining in the race start again. This is not a speed race, but an endurance race, because the race is held until the last one goes one more full distance, 6706 meters more than anyone else.

The route is very demanding. There are 3 small hills on each 2,236-meter round. This is 165 meters of ascent in an hour. In 24h Ultra, the climbing meters are already over 4000m! The route is a running fitness track. The surface is stone ash, gravel and a path. There are a few stones and roots on the climbs, but no higher than five centimeters from the ground. At night you need a headlamp.

Participation fee

Payment to account number FI11 5700 8120 5544 02

Payment recipient SpiidiNet ry.

Participation fee in advance by 31.12.2023 €50

After that, the price steps as follows:

By 31.1.2024 €60

By 31.2.2024 €70

On site €80 an hour before.

The participation fee is non-refundable.

The participation can be resold and the information will be updated without additional payment

Additional information

Other matters

Read more at Spiidi.Net - Ajanotto: http ://

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Ruosniemen Backyard Ultra

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