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Skive Marathon - Kurts 50 års fødselsdag og marathon nr. 💯

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Skive Marathon - Kurts 50 års fødselsdag og marathon nr. 💯

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21.1, 42.2 km


Nykøbing Mors , Nykøbing Mors , Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

21.1, 42.2 km


Skive Marathon

50-150 DKK

Nykøbing Mors

Asphalt, Gravel, Trail



Then there's a party on Mother's Day 🤩🇩🇰🥳👏🏽 Kurt turns 50 and he runs his 100th marathon on the same day 🏃💯🇩🇰 come and join us in celebrating him 🇩🇰🏃🇩🇰🏃🇩🇰🏃🇩🇰

Sunday 17 December 2023.

Start at 09:00. Info and joint photo at 08:50.

Start and finish: Rolstrupvej 10, 7900 Nykøbing Mors

We run laps of 10.5 km. Marathon 4 rounds. Half marathon 2 rounds.

The surface is asphalt, gravel, grass and forest.

Nice luxury depot.

The race will be held according to current Klub100 rules. You yourself are responsible for registering your time. After the race, the time is written on the start list, which is at the start/finish.

Price marathon DKK 150, incl. medal and print-it-yourself diploma. Price half marathon DKK 100 incl. medal and print-it-yourself diploma. Price around DKK 50 incl. medal and print-yourself diploma.

Registration via payment to mobilepay 9403EQ. Remember name, race date and half or full marathon or laps.

100 special medals have been produced, primarily for marathon runners, the rest for half marathons, but regardless there are medals for everyone who has registered with a medal.

Toilet: Yes

Changing: Yes, there is a shower and changing room

Parking: yes, at the driving technical facility 100 m from the start

When registering, it is accepted that the race takes place at your own risk and gives consent to have his name published on this website.


If you want to participate in a gift for Kurt, you can pay an amount of your choice to Mobilepay 0478RJ - Remember name(s)

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Skive Marathon - Kurts 50 års fødselsdag og marathon nr. 💯

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