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Vegan Run #3 - Det Lille Broløb Halvmarathon

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Vegan Run #3 - Det Lille Broløb Halvmarathon

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21.1 km


Mirabellevej 8, 8930 Randers NØ - P-pladsen overfor Bravida, Randers, Denmark

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Key Information

50 m

21.1 km


Henriette Kallehauge

30 DKK

Mirabellevej 8, 8930 Randers NØ - P-pladsen overfor Bravida

Asphalt, Gravel, Trail


A race especially in honor of all of us who didn't get a starting number for the Great Bridge Run 2025 after sitting in a queue for several hours and being thrown off... But don't worry because now YOU have the chance to come to Randers and run over a lot of bridges. There will be neither a brass band, roadblocks nor police escort, nor will there be catering/depot. In return, you will run across a bridge no less than 20 times! When you reach the finish line, you will of course receive a Vegan Run medal as well as a diploma and a small snack/soft drink. We run laps of 5.3 km. The price is a paltry NOK 30, which please pay into MobilePay Box 8615RR. Max number of participants: 50 Start location: Mirabellevej 8, 8930 Randers NØ in the car park opposite Bravida. I will put a table in front of you so you can store your own depot which you will pass 8 times. No possibility of shower or toilet, but the route passes a small forest, so take some paper with you in your pocket ;)


1) Henriette Kallehauge

2) Stefan Tofte

3) Signe Fisker

4) Hanne Skov Andersen

5) Rikke Marie Moltke

6) Morten Bøgsted

7) Majken Denmark

8 ) Jimmy Dalby

9) Lotte Sorth

10) Lars Olsen

11) Morten Ebbesen

12) Kirsten Holm

13) René Sørensen

14) Lone Højbjerg

15) Frederik Pedersen

16) Puk Jensen

17) Sten Christensen

18) Maria Freund

19) Lene Juncher

20) Søren Gildsig

21) Thomas Mörck

22 ) Flemming Nielsen

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Vegan Run #3 - Det Lille Broløb Halvmarathon

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