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Vegan Run #5 Forårsløb

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Vegan Run #5 Forårsløb

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21 km


Fortunavej 64, 8960 Randers SØ, Randers, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

106 m

21 km


Henriette Kallehauge

60 DKK

Fortunavej 64, 8960 Randers SØ




While everyone else is running a half-marathon in Berlin, you must once again go to Randers to run with the local runners! We run laps of 7 km and if you run 3 you have run a half marathon. You may also be content with laps.

I have ordered spring sun and tailwind for the entire route.

We will meet in my garage (no. 24) and after some brief information at 8.50 and a photo you will be sent off. There will be a depot with lots of sweet, salty, bananas and drinks and a brand new unique Vegan Run medal when you register no later than April 6. If you register later, I will find some random Vegan Run bling bling for you 😉

Price: 60 kroner to Mobilepay Box8793SA

There is access to a toilet and if you come from a long way I will also give you a bath 😉

Parking is outside on Minervavej.

Max number of participants: 30 Everyone starts at 9.00 and I will probably have to wait for them the last will finish at 12.00 at the latest. The route will be marked with flags, arrows and tape and can also be sent as a GPX file.

The race will also be posted on Runagain and

You will of course get your money back if I some reason has to cancel the race.



1) Stefan Tofte: 2:08:36

2) Henriette Kallehauge: 2:03:19

3) Lars Olsen 1 :58:32

4) Morten Ebbesen 1:58:32

5) Signe Odgaard Petersen : cancellation

6) Line Holm Skipper :1:59:22

7) Thomas Mörck- cancellation

8 ) Jan Ladefoged Kristiansen: cancellation

9) Majken Denmark : 1:47:34

10) Rasmus Engedal Thomsen DNS

11) Puk Jensen : 1:59:15

12) Anne Kathrine Frank 2:01:13

13) Niels Kirkegaard 2:08:36

14) Henrik Kristensen 1:44:11

15) Iben Feldballe Tolstrup:

16) Charlotte Engelsfelt 1:21:16

17) Signe Fisker 2:26:35\ n 18) Claire Nielsen 1 round: 44:20

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Vegan Run #5 Forårsløb

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