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Vitten Marathon Majors Series 4/5 GPX 2024

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Vitten Marathon Majors Series 4/5 GPX 2024

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42.2 km


Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup, Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

340 m

42.2 km


Lille Løbe Lars

70 DKK

Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup




Vitten Marathon Majors Series 4/5

Is a series of marathons that are run over 5 weeks on 5 different routes.

Marathon DKK 70.

Get the entire series of 5 races for DKK 300. by registering before the first race 7/5 2024

Only 20 places Or on Facebook

Participants at 4 p.m.

1 Lars Michael Rasmussen.

2 Jørgen Jakobsen \ n 3 Jens Palm

4 Per Jakobsen

5 Torben Sibbern

6 Peter Klarlund

7 Pia Marcussen

8 Johnny Grønbek Mogensen

9 Claus Jeslund

10 Rene´ Randrup Rasmussen

11 Lone Dyrholm Gutheil

12 Lars Simonsen

13 Maria Hummeluhr Kristensen

14 Joakim Honemann

15 Morten Thye

16 Søren Lykke Stubben

17 Jakob Diget

Start place and time

Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup

At 16.00 for marathon

n Meals:

Bring your own depot

There will be 1 depot in the middle (Water/ Soda)

After the race there will be some delicious wet and dry.

Route description

The route is unmarked and run according to GPX on your watch

The race is held in Frijsenborgskoven, the route is 21.1 km long.

The route is on asphalt/gravel through forest and on land

The start is off Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup

It is run according to Klub100 Rules, the registration fee is not refunded.

Link to GPX file

List of results: at 16:00


Lars Michael Rasmussen. 3:45:00

Jørgen Jakobsen 3:54:20

Jens Palm 4:42:25

Per Jakobsen 4:39:19

Torben Sibbern 5:03:45

Peter Klarlund 5:29:43

Johnny Grønbek Mogensen 4:42:25

Rene´ Randrup Rasmussen cancel

Lone Dyrholm Gutheil 3:52:03

Lars Simonsen cancel

Maria Hummeluhr Kristensen cancel

Joakim Honemann cancel

Jakob Diget 4:39 :19

Morten Thye 3:45:00

Søren Lykke Stubben 4:08:28

Torben Jørgensen 3:57:02

Henrik Alexandersen 5:03:45

Route map

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Vitten Marathon Majors Series 4/5 GPX 2024

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