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La Desértica

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La Desértica

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70 km


Almería, Almería, Spain

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Roquetas de Mar

70 km


C. D. La Desértica


Gravel, Sand, Trail



Dear Deserts,

From the organization of the "La Desértica" Sports Club we want to welcome you to this page and take the opportunity to officially announce that the date of the Civic-Military Test "LA DESÉRTICA, the Legion and the Desert unites us" in its VI Edition, will be on October 26 2024.

The organization is working, together with the invaluable support of Institutions, Town Halls and various Organizations, to carry out a new edition of "LA DESÉRTICA", always with the desire to excel that characterizes the Legion.

Along these lines, several important news will be included, not only in the route, but also in many aspects of those that surround this sporting event and about which we will be reporting in the coming weeks.

All this looking for "LA DESÉRTICA" to be a great "Sports Festival" that makes you live unforgettable moments and that will begin, already from this May 17, when the pre-registrations open.

It only remains for me to thank the interest shown in this test and wish the best of luck to all the participants and those who accompany them. With everyone's support, and with the imprint of La Legión in the background, we will continue to seek to be a benchmark in the sports calendar, not only in our beloved province of Almería, but also at a national level.

A big hug Legionary hoping to see each other soon.

The President of CD La Desértica

Enrique Gomariz Devesa


The start for walkers will be given at 09:00; 15 minutes before (at 08:45) access to the exit box and the stamping of cards will be closed. The opening of the drawer will be marked once the MTB test begins at 08:00.

The test will finish anyone who reaches the finish line before 16 hours from the start of the test, and who carries the runner's card with all the stamps placed in the correct place.

At the intermediate point of the test (PAVT 11) a participant control point is established. In order to avoid unnecessary risks to the participants, any runner who does not pass before 13 hours of the race at that point will be disqualified from the test, not allowing it to continue either, since evacuation in these sections is extremely complicated. , especially in the night arc.

It is recommended that all participants try to reach the PARTICULARLY DIFFICULT SECTION during the day (from km 54 to km 59), as it is a technical section and doing it at night multiplies the risks. For this purpose, the use of a high-quality headlamp with HIGH POWER is also recommended, especially for those participants who anticipate that they will arrive at that section at night.

The mandatory material that runners must carry, according to the FAM regulations, is:

Long-sleeved hooded windbreaker jacket.

Thermal or survival blanket of minimum size 1.20 x 2.10.

Water reserve container (minimum 1 liter).

Headlamp or flashlight with spare batteries.

Cap, visor or sweatband.

Sports pants or leggings, minimum below the knees.

Mobile phone with charged battery and organization phones.


Red rear position light, on at night or in fog.

This material may be required by the referees of the Andalusian Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking in the bib control and in any part of the route. Not carrying this material may mean disqualification from the test.

This regulation is completed by the rest of the instructions and regulations in force of the Andalusian Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking .

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La Desértica

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