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42.1, 84.2 km


Frederiksværk Hallen, Frederiksværk, Denmark

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42.1, 84.2 km


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499 DKK

Frederiksværk Hallen






If you have run a marathon before, we dare to promise that 42.12 feels completely different and challenges both physique and mind in a different way than the traditional set-up. If you have not yet completed a marathon, this is a good place to start.

The route is 3,520 meters long and you must complete it 12 times in a total of 12 hours.

We start and finish at the top of Maglehøj. The view on the route is memorable with truly beautiful surroundings that offer a variety of fields, sea views, forest and city. The many altitude meters along the way are run on asphalt.

42.12 - THE DOUBLE

42.12 now offers all daredevils an opportunity to challenge themselves by taking the double distance. The concept is the same you just run twice. 24 laps of 3,520 km.


If you have a physical or mental disability and are in possession of a companion card, you can use the 42.12 accompanying scheme.

In short; you can participate with your companion at a greatly reduced price.

You buy a regular ticket for yourself and a companion ticket for DKK 150 for your companion. Your companion participates on an equal footing with you.

You then send an email to with information about who is accompanying whom, and preferably a short note about your challenge, so that our volunteers have the best conditions to help you .

Valid accompanying card must be presented on the day of the race when issuing the start number. Your companion is also expected to run all 12 laps to help you finish.


Complete a marathon in a whole new way - participate in 42.12.

Every hour - for 12 hours - you must complete the route of 3,520 metres.

The start is at 8.00 - when the route is completed for the first time.

When you reach the finish line, you rest and prepare for the next round.

The next round starts at 9.00, and then 42.12 continues for 12 hours - with a total of 12 rounds.

It is thus according to the WOD principle EHOH - Every Hour on the Hour.

Overall, you are running a Marathon.

42.12 makes completely different demands on you as a runner than a traditional marathon. The experience is also markedly different. Planning and the ability to keep a cool head are key factors.

42.12 offers the perfect setting for this special experience.

Each participant gets their own waiting area inside the iconic white round Frederiksværk hall, which is located at the top of Maglehøj. The area is for rest and preparation between each round.

We provide the right atmosphere in the hall with music and fun. There is access to a changing room, toilet and shower.

42.12 - TIMING

During the race, you can constantly monitor how you are doing.

All participants are given a chip and thus lap times and total time for the race are measured.

The lap times can be followed LIVE – you race against yourself and the clock.

42.12 - MEALS

Included in the ticket you get partial meals. In the café, you will be able to get plenty of fluids and energy. You bring your own meals and if you need help with nutrition during the event, 42.12's nutrition experts will be present. In our webshop, you can buy a nutrition plan that prepares you as best as possible for the challenge, as well as guidance during and after the race. This is prepared by 42.12's nutrition experts and tested by athletes in action.


In addition to the personal pride you take away from completing a 42.12, you receive a 42.12 trophy as proof of your achievement and in memory of that special experience.

42.12 - TIPS

Our best tips for the best 42.12 experience.

Decorate your waiting area to your liking. Chair, air mattress, blanket, pillow, netflix or whatever helps you best.

A change of clothes is a really good idea. You sweat when running, but cool down between laps. It feels good to put on a dry t-shirt every now and then.

You run on tarmac, choose your shoes accordingly.

Snacks and liquids are available along the way, but pack your favorite food so you have enough nutrition for all the active hours .

Set yourself up mentally to work in intervals.

Enjoy a brand new experience and personal victory.

Tempo is not decisive. You have 60 minutes for each round of 3,520 metres, so you can easily get around even if you walk parts of the route.

42.12 - RULES

All participants are given a wristband at check-in.

You must complete all 12 rounds in the specified time = max. 60 minutes per round. round. If you don't, your wristband will be cut and you cannot start the next bell hour.

You must start each bell hour when the round starts. You may not start when you find it convenient yourself.

You must complete all 12 rounds by yourself - walking or running. Assistive devices may not be used, e.g. scooters, bicycles, mopeds etc. If this is not observed, your wristband will be cut and you will not be able to start at the next hour.


DATE: Saturday 7 September 2024

PLACE: Frederiksværk Hallen, Sportsvej 5, 3300 Frederiksværk

CHECKIN: From 7.00 – the hall closes at 20.30 and we say thank you for this year.

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