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CANNONBALL Crazy nisseløb med masser af højdemeter på Purhøj

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CANNONBALL Crazy nisseløb med masser af højdemeter på Purhøj

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5.3, 21, 42.2 km


Purhøjvej 50, Horsens, Horsens, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

125, 500, 1000 m

5.3, 21, 42.2 km


Thomas Krabbenhøft

100 DKK

Purhøjvej 50, Horsens

Asphalt, Gravel


Welcome to crazy Runner's crazy crazy pixie cannonball race🧑🏼‍🎄🎄🎅🏻

The following distances:


Half marathon.

Lap run.

The race offers approximately 500 meters of elevation in the half marathon and approximately 1000 in the Marathon

Welcome to sore thighs😂

race info 10 minutes before the start

The route is approximately 5.5 km and for each round the route is reversed🎉

Common to the rounds is that you have to go up and visit the depot at the top on each round🤩🔥🏃🏻‍♂️ 🏃🏼‍♀️

You have to run 4 laps for the half-marathon and 8 laps for the Marathon🎅🏻

Lap run whatever you want🎅🏻

Marathon starts at 9.00am

Half-marathon and lap run 11.00am

The race is a Cannonball and you are on your own for timing, so autostop must be switched off.

There will be a unique Christmas medal for everyone.

There will be a depot at the start and for each lap, with the appropriate Christmas trinkets.

There are 35 places for the race

Registration takes place by writing a message to me on 49408103 that you want to participate.

If you are employed, DKK 100 is transferred to mobilpay 6588ZH with your name and the distance you want.

You run for klub 100 Halvmarathon and Dansk Halvmarathon Klub's rules.

Of course also club 100 Marathon rules.

The race will be posted on Runagain.

There will be parking available at the start😎 there is a

Google Maps marker in the discussion so you can find your way.

You run at your own risk, but help and take care of each other.

Toilet is not available except for mother nature👍🏻

Put on the Santa hat and off on a Christmas adventure🎅🏻🧑🏼‍🎄🎄

Hope I've remembered everything, otherwise don't hesitate no need to ask🎅🏻🧑🏼‍🎄🎄

Many Crazy Christmas greetings from here🎅🏻🧑🏼‍🎄🎄


1: Thomas Krabbenhøft.

2: Claus Schmidt.

3: Jørn Sørensen.

4: Per Jakobsen.


1: Allan Bell Jensen.

2: Gitte Øllgaard Jensen.

3: Søren H. Mikkelsen.

4: Ole Tinghuus.

5: Brian Venø.

6: Jens Gottlieb

7: Sarah Hartvig.


1: Sara Sole Skafte.

2: Ann Kronborg.

3: Kevin Malte Jørgensen.

4: Anne-Marie Sloth Stigsen.

5: Amalie Nyland Hansen.

6: Kim Rosenbæk.

7: Kristina Quitzau Hansen.

8: Fie Asmussen.

9: Susan Kappendrup Rasmussen.

10: Pia Engvang.

Se11: Anita Jakobsen.

12: Martin Just.

13: Stig Hartvig. less

Hornsyld, Vejle, Denmark

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CANNONBALL Crazy nisseløb med masser af højdemeter på Purhøj

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