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Fyraftens 1/2 Marathon cannonball ved Bygholm sø

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Fyraftens 1/2 Marathon cannonball ved Bygholm sø

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21.1 km


Åbjergskovvej 8700 Horsens

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

120 m

21.1 km


Crazy Runners Horsens

75 DKK

Åbjergskovvej 8700 Horsens



Welcome to Crazy Runners Horsens' evening run around Bygholm lake 🌟

race info 10 minutes before the start

The route is 3 times around Bygholm lake, and will probably be approximately 22 km🙈

The race is a Cannonball and you yourself are responsible for the timing, so autostop must be turned off.

There will be a medal for everyone.

There will be a depot at the start and for each lap, with what goes with it.

There will be a depot at the start and for each lap. 20 places so first come, first served.

Registration is done by texting me on 49408103 that you want to participate, by employment transfer DKK 75 to mobilpay 6588ZH with your name and the distance you want.

Runs according to to club 100 Half Marathon and Danish Half Marathon Club's rules.

n The race will be advertised on Runagain.

There will be parking at the start 😎 there is a

Google Maps marker in the discussion so you can find your way.

You run at your own risk, but help and look after each other.

There is an option for a toilet at the start and finish

Many Crazy greetings😃

Hope I have remembered everything, otherwise don't hesitate to ask🌟



1: Jens Gottlieb. (Early start 16.45)

2: Henriette Fogh Høyer.

3: Herluf veng Juul.

4: Pia Nielsen.

5: Kim Borg.

6: Lisa Bøilerehauge.

7: Vibeke Vigen.

n 8: Morten Lauritsen.

9: Jesper Wienberg.

10: Philip Bruun Hansen.

11: André Leander.

12: Signe Fisker.(early start 16.45)

13. Niels Strande.

14 : Christina Frandsen. (early start 16.45)

15: Rikki Laursen.

16: Mette Hesselvig.

17: Jens Frost Astrup

18: Louise Christensen.


1: Pia Hausager.

2: Maja Lundvig .

3: Allan Sørensen

4: Allan Hausager



1: Jens Gottlieb. (Early start 16.45)

2: Henriette Fogh Høyer. 1:50:04

3: Herluf friend Juul. 2:04:40

4: Pia Nielsen. 2:17:01

5: Kim Borg. 2:12:46

6: Lisa Bøilerehauge. 2:35:13

7: Vibeke Vigen. 2:10:11

8: Morten Lauritsen. 2:10:11

9: Jesper Wienberg. 2:00:11

10: Philip Bruun Hansen. 2:21:40

11: André Leander. 2:00:11

12: Signe Fisker. (early start 16.45) DNS

13. Niels Strande. 1:54:43

14: Christina Frandsen. (early start 16.45) DNS

15: Rikki Laursen. 1:67:41

16: Mette Hesselvig. (early start) 2:11:54

17: Jens Frost Astrup 2:16:28

18: Louise Christensen. 2:16:28


1: Pia Hausager. 1st round. 44:04

2: Maja Lundvig. 1st round. 1:16:45

3: Allan Sørensen. 1st round 44:41

4: Allan Hausager 1st round. 42:40

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Fyraftens 1/2 Marathon cannonball ved Bygholm sø

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