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Giddy Up 5k

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Giddy Up 5k

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5 km


California Ranch Company, Temecula, United States

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5 km

Hobby Joggers

45 - 55 USD

California Ranch Company



Giddy Up 5K: Race Through the Wild West

Join us for the Giddy Up 5K, an event that redefines the typical fun run. The Hobby Joggers race experience is more than just a race; it's a captivating journey that immerses you from start to finish in a festive celebration of movement, community, and philanthropy.

As you enter the gates of the California Ranch Company, prepare to be swept up in an atmosphere charged with energy and excitement. Our Wild West theme ensures an experience that goes beyond just running – it's a jubilant gathering filled with activities suitable for all ages, sparking joy and enthusiasm among participants of every stride.

Participating in the Giddy Up 5K means you're not just racing towards a finish line; you're supporting a cause that enables individuals to explore new strengths and happiness through GAIT's innovative therapy programs. Each step you take contributes to helping someone take their steps towards growth and autonomy.

The Giddy Up 5K for GAIT is about community, celebration, and making a meaningful impact. Lace-up your "cowboy boots", bring your zest for life, and be a part of a day where every moment is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the West and give back.

Hobby Joggers events are renowned for their distinctive flair and often reach full capacity well before the event day. Register early to secure your spot in this unique and memorable experience!

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Giddy Up 5k

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