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Grenaa Halvmarathon #2 Skovløbet

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Grenaa Halvmarathon #2 Skovløbet

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21.1 km


Lyngdalvej 88, Grenaa, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

26 m

21.1 km


Kenneth Pedersen

90 DKK

Lyngdalvej 88



Grenaa Half Marathon #2 - The Forest Run 🌳

will be run on SATURDAY 24 February starting at 09:30 and possibility of early start 09:00 for those who use more than 2 hours and 15 minutes 🏃‍♂️

Grenaa Half Marathon #2 - Skovløbet 🌳

Start: 09:30 (early start: 09: 00) 🏃‍♂️

Start: Lyngdalvej 88 - 8500 Grenaa 🏡

Medal: Yes (70mm with engraving) 🥇

Diploma: Yes (Cerificat printed out for everyone) 🗒️

Marked route: Yes (Arrows and mine strip) ➡️

Toilet: Yes (before, during and after the race) 🚽

Bath: Yes (Grenaa sports centre, 5 min drive from my address) 🚿

Depot: Yes (sweets, chips, banana, cake, cola, energy drink, water) 🍭

Max participants: 40 runners 🏃‍♂️

Minimum number of participants: 5 ✅

Price for participation: DKK 90 💰

The race will take place as long as there are at least 5 participants 👍 Money is NOT returned in case of cancellation , damage or other ❌ The amount is refunded ONLY if I, as the organizer, cancel the race ✅

The race is run according to the club 100 half marathon rules 🤝 This means, among other things, that the "Auto Stop" function MUST be turned "OFF" 🫵 It is also forbidden to stop the clock manually along the way, e.g. when you go to the depot, toilet, etc. - the clock MUST run all the time 👌

Short route description:

The route is 3 laps of 7.1 km which consists of 95% gravel path through Grenaa forest 🌳 we run around fantastic surroundings out in the forest and also comes out past Heden in Grenaa, which is really beautiful nature 😍 the route is flat and only offers a paltry 26 meters of altitude 🏔️ the route is fast and suitable for fast runners who want to set a new pr 🏃‍♂️💨 \ n

How to register:

Send an SMS to 53570094 📲

Wait for confirmation via SMS 📳

After confirmation, DKK 90 is transferred via MobilePay to Box 7536NF 💰

The registration is now registered 🏃‍♂️🌳

Extra info: 1 day before the race day, you will receive an SMS with parking info and other relevant info for the race ℹ️

Bath information: I have booked 2 changing rooms with a bath in Grenaa Sports Center 🚿 after the race you therefore have the opportunity to take a shower . Grenaa Sports Center is only a 5-minute drive away from my address - Ydesvej nr 2, 8500 Grenaa 🚙 changing room no. 1 is for men 🧔‍♂️ changing room no. 3 is for women 👱‍♀️

Meeting time: 5 minutes before the start is given a short info about the route and other relevant information on the day of the race 📣 Joint photo before the race starts 📸

Participants: (continuously updated)

Kenneth Pedersen

Helle Kragh Klitgaard

Helene Rasmussen

Thomas Rasmussen

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Grenaa Halvmarathon #2 Skovløbet

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