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KnarvikMila 3km

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KnarvikMila 3km

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3 km


Knarvik Stadion, Knarvik, Norway

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Key Information

Drink stations

20 m

3 km



Prize for winner

225 NOK

Knarvik Stadion

Asphalt, Track




KnarvikMila is known for its classic distances of 21km, 10km and 5km, but from 2023 we will also introduce the well-known 3km or 3000m that many people know from school, the military or sports.

3km is both a nice and affordable distance for the inexperienced runners, at the same time as it is a demanding challenge for the more well-trained who want to run really fast.

The advantage of testing out 3 km at KnarvikMila is that you do it on one of the flattest and fastest tracks you can find in Western Norway. We can almost guarantee that you will achieve one of your fastest 3000m ever - whatever your shape or ambitions! This will be a good running experience on a fast and easy course!

3 km is open to everyone from 10 years of age with its own 2-year classes for youth, senior classes and 5-year classes for veterans. There will be cash prizes for the top 3 in the women's and men's classes in all three races!


All participants will be entered into a draw for a wide range of other small and large prizes, including a Toyota from Eknes Karosseri AS available in a year in the main prize!

The course is car-free. In the finish area you will receive a medal, water and banana. Here you will also find the Red Cross tent if you need assistance and an area of your own where you can mingle with other runners.


- Medal for all

- Gift prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in women's and men's class

- Class winner prizes in youth classes and veteran classes

- Prizes drawn among all participants

- T-shirt can be ordered upon registration

- Cloakroom/shower and toilets in Nordhordlandshallen

- Valuable storage in Nordhordlandshallen

- The trails control is measured by AIMS-certified measurer class B

- KnarvikMila is approved as World Athletics World Ranking Competition

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KnarvikMila 3km

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