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Köln Marathon

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Köln Marathon

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42.2, 21.1 km


Deutzer Werft, Köln, Germany

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100, 60 m


42.2, 21.1 km

Köln Marathon Veranstaltungs- und Werbe GmbH

85 - 125 EUR

Deutzer Werft



The Köln Marathon, also known as the Cologne Marathon, is an annual road running event held in Cologne (Köln), the fourth-largest city in Germany and the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The event usually takes place in early October and attracts thousands of participants, ranging from elite athletes to recreational runners. The Köln Marathon offers various race categories, including a full marathon, a half marathon, and relay races, making it accessible to runners with different fitness levels and preferences.

The Köln Marathon is known for its picturesque and diverse course that highlights the city's rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. The route starts and finishes near the iconic Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom), one of the largest and most famous Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The course takes runners through various districts of Cologne, showcasing the city's beautiful landscapes and historic sites. Some of the key attractions along the course include:

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom): The magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Cologne's most famous landmarks, towering over the city with its twin spires.

Hohenzollern Bridge (Hohenzollernbrücke): A historic railway and pedestrian bridge crossing the Rhine River, offering panoramic views of the city and the river.

Rheinauhafen: A modern urban development area featuring contemporary architecture, such as the iconic "Kranhäuser" (crane houses), situated along the banks of the Rhine River.

Old Town (Altstadt): Cologne's historic city center, characterized by narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and charming squares.

Beethoven Park: A large and lush park located in the Lindenthal district, providing runners with a refreshing and scenic stretch of the course.

The Köln Marathon is a well-organized event, with ample support provided to participants throughout the race. Aid stations are located at regular intervals along the course, offering water, sports drinks, snacks, and medical assistance if needed. The course is also lined with enthusiastic spectators, who cheer on the runners, creating a lively and encouraging atmosphere.

Upon completing the race, participants receive a finisher's medal and can enjoy post-race refreshments and entertainment in the event's central area. The Köln Marathon fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among runners, with many participants returning year after year to partake in this enjoyable event.

In summary, the Köln Marathon is a popular and highly-regarded road running event in Cologne, Germany, offering a scenic and diverse race experience for participants of all skill levels. Its well-organized logistics, supportive atmosphere, and beautiful course make it a must-try event for running enthusiasts looking to experience a memorable race in a historic and vibrant European city.

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Köln Marathon

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