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Lyserød Lørdag i Hals

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Lyserød Lørdag i Hals

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42.2, 21.1, 15, 10, 5 km


Hals Søsportscenter, Langerend 26

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

2, 2, 2, 2, 2 m

42.2, 21.1, 15, 10, 5 km


Kræftens Bekæmpelses Lokalafdeling i gl. Hals Kommune

100 - 125 DKK

Hals Søsportscenter, Langerend 26

Asphalt, Trail, Gravel




Run, walk, cycle or row in a kayak with Lyserød on Saturday in Hals on 7/10-2023.

You can run very far, not so far or the laps that suit your form and desire. You can trot for a walk in beautiful Hals - and maybe see something new or discover a detour. You can grab a nice bike ride of approx. 20 km. In addition, we have a bike tour for those experienced on racing bikes of approx. 50 km. and an approx. 1 1/2 hour trip on a mountain bike. Remember a bicycle helmet and a bottle of water.

The Cancer Society in Hals is ready to welcome you all on Saturday, 7/10-2023 at Hals Søsportscenter, Langerend 26, 9370 Hals.

Come for a nice day with lots of prizes on the starting numbers and on the US lottery. We are also ready with hot cocoa, rye bread snacks, etc. - and a really good meal in our depot for all the participants.


At 09.30: The race office opens and start numbers can be collected

At 10.00: Half and full marathon start

10.15: Kayaking starts (Preparation at 9.30)

10.30: Walk (5-7 km) start 1

11.00: All cycle tours start and Runs start

11.30: Walk (5-7 km) start 2

Price and registration:

Full and half marathon: DKK 125.

There are medals for those pre-registered for the Half and Full Marathon and for pre-registered children.

Round run , trots and bike rides: DKK 100, children under 16: DKK 25.

Pre-registration to toveborg@hotmail.dom no later than 1/10-2023.

Late registrations on the day + DKK 25 for all distances (except for children).

Payment to MobilePay no. 33362 or account 9070 1623396955. State name and rank/discipline.

The profit goes directly to "Støt Brysterne". Breast cancer is the disease that affects the most women in Denmark - 1 in 9 women is affected by the disease. This is the reason why we put extra focus on breast cancer on 7 October.

List of participants:

Marathon (8 laps of 5.3km):

Bjarne Jensen: 4.15.00

Martin H. Thomsen: 3.45.07

Thomas Mørck: 4.44.40

Susanne Stamhus: 4.52 .34

Jakob Stæhr Hansen: 5.13.21

Inge Marie D. Krog: 4.37.10

Claus Søndermølle: 4.24.23

Søren Kent Jensen: 4.24.23

Anita Kjeldsen: 4.27.00

Henrik Olsen: 5.13.21

Half marathon (4 laps of 5.3 km):

Ann Rodkjær: 1.53.26

Rene Pfleger: 1.40.04

Anja Wiebensen: 1.54.06

Tom Sand Egeskov: 2.01.00

Bente Morild: 2.19.48

Miriam Bierbaum: 2.19.48

Charlotte H. Kristensen: DNS

Romana Kristensen: 2.11.13

Lotte Baisgaatd: 2.10.57

Mathias Borg: DNS\ n Henriette Kallehauge: DNS

Britt Thomsen: 2.20.21

Tina Porsmose: 2.20.31

Heidi Kronborg Christensen: DNS

Julie Bjerregaard: 2.40.00

Helle Bjerregaard: 2.27.57

Anette Bloch: 2.10 .57

Jesper Bertelsen: 2.16.48

Lisbet Bertelsen: 2.50.16

Ulla Baisgaard: 2.10.57

Claus Møller: 2.01.19

Karin Stentoft: 2.34.13

Kenneth Duus Hansen: 2.20. 31

Ejner Jensen: 2.11.02

Rikke Houmann: 2.10.59

Henrik Møller: 1.38.11

Rasmus Jacobsen: 1.28.08

Lap run of 5.3 km:

Charmain Kanstrup

Søren Conradsen

Liam Linnæs

Frederik Linnæs

Eva Linnæs

Mountain bike

Rene Wiebenson

Per Kirchoff

Leif Jørgensen

Bicycle (15-20 km.)

Hanne Pedersen

Lisbeth Jørgensen

Annie Høj

Bent Høj

Kirsten Kristensen

Harry Kristensen

Marianne Clausen


Jette Rasmussen

Helle Rafn

Inge Rom Andersen

Merete Nikolajsen

Inge Stevn

Ulla Larsen

Ulla Munch

Anne Westergaard

Ingelise Wrnnike

Søren Brix Kjeldgaard

Mette Thomsen

Mette Thorsen

Jacob Thomsen

Victor Thomsen

Claes Thomsen



Anette Kock\ n Marian Bjerre Kristensen

Mia Bjerre Kristensen

Lisbeth Larsen

Børge Larsen

Anni Uggerholm

Mette Berthelsen

Agnete Kjær

Birgitte Thomsen


Helle Henriksen

Carsten Henriksen

Tina Jensen

Karina Pedersen

Margit Lauridsen

Lillian Anita Jensen

Brian Jensen

Susie Beuchert

Anita Strøm Pedersen

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Lyserød Lørdag i Hals

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