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Lyserød lørdag i Hals

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Lyserød lørdag i Hals

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5.3, 10.6, 15.9, 21.1, 42.2 km


, Hals, Denmark

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5.3, 10.6, 15.9, 21.1, 42.2 km

Trail, Gravel, Grass, Asphalt



The route is 5.3 km and you can choose to participate Round race (1-3 laps). Half or full marathon. The route is on varied ground and in flat terrain in the eastern part of Hals (forest, beach by the sea and fjord, town). The route goes around the golf course. The distance is GPS-measured. Timekeeping is the responsibility of the runner himself, and the time is noted by the race management. Participation is at your own risk and the general traffic rules apply. The route is only to a limited extent on motorways. The race is measured in accordance with Club 100 Marathon Denmark's race criteria and the race fulfills the conditions for this.

Meals: There will be water, cocoa, cola and, after the run and walk, rye bread snacks. Cyclists must bring their own drinking bottle and bicycle helmet.

Price and registration: Full and half marathon: DKK 125. Round race and trot: DKK 100. Children between 11 and 15 years: DKK 25. Bike ride: DKK 100. There are medals for those pre-registered in the marathon ranks and for pre-registered children. Advance registration to no later than 02.10.2021. Payment to Mobilepay 33362 or account no. 9070 1623396955. State name and rank/discipline. Late registration on the day + DKK 25 for all distances (except for children).

Changing and showering. There is an opportunity to change clothes in the Søsportscentret, where there is also the opportunity to shower after the race.

In the service of the good cause". The Cancer Society, Hal's local association organizes Trotting/pole walking, 1/1-, 1/2-marathon and lap run as well as bike ride Saturday 8 October 2022. Start location: The watersports center at Jollehavnen, Hals. At 09.30: The race office opens and start numbers can be collected. At 10.00: Start of the full and half marathon At 10.30 and at 11.30: Start for walking. Show up at one of the times. At 11.00: Start on the bike ride. Choose between approximately 15, 25 or 50 km. 50 km. is only for experienced racing bikes. At 11.00: Start of the lap race. October is "Breast Cancer Month" and true to tradition, the local branch of the Danish Cancer Society invites the Danish family to a day in motion with runners in the eastern part of Hals and people jogging in the city. Trotting/pole walking/stroller ride. A route of approx. 5 km in the city and the western part of Hals. Take all generations, classmates, friends, colleagues and the dog on a wonderful trip in Hals.

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Lyserød lørdag i Hals

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