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Marathon Danmark – Region Nordjylland 5/5

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Marathon Danmark – Region Nordjylland 5/5

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42.2, 21.1 km


Rebildvej 46, 9520 Skørping, Skørping, Denmark

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Key Information

Drink stations

42.2, 21.1 km


Marathon Danmark

200 DKK

Rebildvej 46, 9520 Skørping

Asphalt, Gravel, Trail


Depot is delivered, for example, consisting of: soda, water, candy, salt, fruit. If you have special wishes/preferences, you must bring them yourself.

Unique medal and diploma for everyone, regardless of distance covered.

Gravlev Sø is located in Lindenborg Ådal by Rold Skov. The lake (approx. 65 ha) has existed since the Ice Age as an outcrop on Lindenborg Å.

They tried in vain to drain the lake at the end of the 1800s with the desire for undulating cornfields, but had to give up as the place was damp. In the 1990s, the wish was abandoned, the lake was resurrected and a natural restoration is a reality with a unique wetland as a result of the new conservation of Gravlevdalen and state acquisition.

Furthermore, Thingbæk Kalkminer is only 2 km from Gravlev Sø. A now closed mining area under Rold Skov. However, mining only lasted from 1926 to approx. 1950, when the profitability was not worth the work. Visitors have been able to see the mines since 1935. In addition to Bundgaards Museum, which is located in the lime mine now, there is still a large population of bats just like in Mønsted and Daubjerg Klakgruber.

Another 1 km from Thingbæk Lime Mine is the Cold War Museum REGAN Vest, which has just been opened to the public in the spring of 2023. The museum consists of an exhibition and two huge rings dug deep into Rold Skov on a large hill. If the Cold War broke out, Denmark's government, officials and monarch would rule the country from the bunker facility.

The Cold War Museum is truly worth a visit, which must be booked well in advance. The visit is extremely thought-provoking. The facility was built to withstand atomic bombs, but what did the 350 people have to return to if there was no more Denmark left.

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Marathon Danmark – Region Nordjylland 5/5

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