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NSEJ Løb #10

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NSEJ Løb #10

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42.2, 21.1, 14, 7 km


Lille druedalsvej 8, 3630 Jægerspris, Jægerspris, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

42.2, 21.1, 14, 7 km



Prize for winner

87 DKK

Lille druedalsvej 8, 3630 Jægerspris



Participant list NSEJ Race #10


Maria Dahl

Half marathon

1 Niclas Sømmerly Eschen Juul runner no 50

2 Anne Wieslander

3 Poul Erik Thomsen

4 Lene Toftemann

5 Pia Kørvell

6 Mette Lunow

7 Morten Brogaard Jakobsen

8 Marianne Dele

9 Uwe Langwald

10 Kim Henningsen

11 Susanne Wildt

12 Klaus Grønhøj



1 Agnes Sømmerly Eschen Juul

2 Cecillie Sømmerly Barkum Høier

3 Simon Sømmerly Barkum Høier

4 Martin Arvé Borch

5 Alis Ravn Høier

6 Sophie Ellen Barkum

NSEJ Race #10

11.11 2023 at 9.00

Distances: 7km - 14km - half-marathon and marathon.

Participation fee: It costs DKK 87 regardless of distance, which only goes to the medal, diploma and catering.

Registration takes place by email / SMS 61691196 with full name , distant, phone no. and race date. Participation fee of DKK 87 is transferred via mobilepay to 61691196 (Niclas Sømmerly Eschen Juul), after you have registered by email/sms.

Limited places‼️ Max 35 participants in total for marathon, half marathon, 14 or 7 km. Registration no later than Thursday 9 November 2023. After registration is possible, however it costs 25 kr (112 kr).

The route will be laps of 7+ km, and to reach the half marathon you have to run 3 times around and also 6 times around the marathon. The route is in Jægerspris, starting at Lille druedalsvej 8. The race is a cannonball race, where everyone starts at the same time and you yourself are responsible for noting your finish time after the 42.2km, 21.1km, it is also possible to run 14 or 7 km.

Catering: There will be a depot at Lille druedalsvej 8 with fruit, snacks and drinks in the best depot style. You therefore pass the depot after each round and when you finish.

Diploma and medal: There will be a diploma and medal for all participants who complete the race.

Rules: The race is held in accordance with the Club 100 half-marathon rules and Club 100 Marathon Denmark's rules

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NSEJ Løb #10

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