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Østengaard Trail Marathon

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Østengaard Trail Marathon

5.0 - (1)




42.2 km


Solsortevej 2, Vejle, Denmark

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Key Information

300 m

42.2 km


Steen christiansen

100 DKK

Solsortevej 2

Gravel, Asphalt, Trail


Østengaard Trail Marathon no. 2

July 1 at 9 the GPX Marathon takes place, a race where there are NO markings.

You can register directly with me on Mobilpay 61338711

Remember the start time: 8 am. for those who want to spend more than 4.45 hours on the Marathon. 9.00 the finish time will be 4.15.

You are welcome to run faster, but the depots of 13/26 km are made for the two time groups. You run at your own risk.

There will be a maximum of 25 participants.

We run in a beautiful landscape that will consist of paths and some asphalt.

We start at Solsortevej 2 and go out past Bindeballe Købmandsgård.

As I said, this is the second time I run this race, and last time the participants were very satisfied with the route and the scenery.

7 km Bredsten Church Water/toilet

13 km Nørup Skov Water /coke/cake

21 km Randbøldal Camping Water/toilet

26 km Bindelsballe Købmandsgaard Water/toilet/Cola/energy

31 km Running station Water/toilet

35 km Jernalder town Vingsted Water/toilet

39 km Haraldskær Shelter (by the stable buildings) Water\ n

There will be no opportunity to swim after the race. , but changing clothes.

In addition, a cup of soup and a beer/water will be served after the race

Looking forward to a nice running day with you.


As mentioned NOTE: 2 start times:

08.00 for those running over 4.45 hours and 9.00

Participant:\ n


Alex Lundahl 5.18 .10

Michael Nielsen. DNS

Claus Sørensen. 5.18.10

Ib Jensen. 5.21.36

Tina Mundt Larsen. DNS

Brian Pedersen. 4.47.25

Gitte Schack. 5.21.36

Rene Løvendahl. DNS

Vagn Kirkelund. 4.43.29

Jesper Steen Olsen. 5.18.10

Mette Olsen. 5.18.10

Lars Sørensen. 4.47.25

Frank Skov Nielsen. 4.43.29

Christian Hamann. 4.43.29

Jens Mogensen. 5.18.10


Steen Christiansen. 4.10.55

Lars Svaneberg. 4.10.55

Bent Brian Andreasen 4.10.55

Per Jakobsen. 4.13.30

Mogens Biehl Terkelsen. 4.08.31

Johnny Grønbæk Mogensen 4.13.42

Martin Rud Ehmsen. 4.08.53

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Østengaard Trail Marathon

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