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Run O'Clock Backyard Ultra

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Run O'Clock Backyard Ultra

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6.7, 50 km


Vedsted Skovhus, Skørping, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

130, 0 m

6.7, 50 km


450 - 600 DKK

Vedsted Skovhus

Asphalt, Grass, Gravel, Trail


Welcome to the Run O'Clock Backyard Ultra!

Don't be fooled by the fact that it's called something with 'ultra' in the name, because you don't have to be an ultra runner to join. It actually just requires that you can run 6.7 km within an hour - and regardless of whether you run 1, 5, 10 or 24 laps, we guarantee that you will have a fantastically enjoyable day, where the framework to challenge yourself and your running partner are perfect.

The race is run according to the 'Backyard Ultra' concept, where the 6.7 km route must be completed in a maximum of 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Every hour on the clock we start over with a new round. It creates a very special dynamic in the race, where it's not about coming first, but instead about being able to keep going hour after hour.

The only break you get along the way is the time from when you reach the finish line and until the next round starts. That is if you run the lap in 50 minutes, you can take a well-deserved 10-minute break before it starts again.

As long as you get around within an hour, you have to keep going - and who knows, maybe you'll be the last one there is left at the end!?

The race starts at 09.00, where the participants are sent out on the route that goes through forest paths, a bit of singletrack and a bit of asphalt - but hey for Big Dog's Backyard Ultra the trail loop also starts on asphalt 🙂

There will be approx. 130 meters of altitude per lap, no super technical passages (a little trail running training is recommended, however) and only a few stairs that are forced upwards.

In the starting area by the lunch box house, there will be a covered room where the participants can have their own depot and change of clothes - just next to the starting box.

There will be a light depot with water, energy products, fruit and during the days some light food for the runners. However, it will not be full catering, and the participants are expected to bring their own storage, which can be set up in a communal tent on the site.

It is not possible to spend the night at the meeting site, but there are good options for overnight accommodation at a nearby campsite and hotel. There is also free camping in the forest, which can be used.

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Run O'Clock Backyard Ultra

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