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Vegan Run #1 Halvmarathon og rundeløb - early start klokken 9.00

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Vegan Run #1 Halvmarathon og rundeløb - early start klokken 9.00

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21.1 km


Fortunavej 64, 8960 Randers SØ, Randers, Denmark

Bannerbilde for løpet

Key Information

Drink stations

120 m

21.1 km


Henriette Kallehauge

60 DKK

Fortunavej 64, 8960 Randers SØ

Asphalt, Gravel


Then it's my turn to hold a cannonball race.

Start at 9.30 from my garage (no. 24) on Fortunavej just opposite the communal house. Please park outside on Minervavej.

Possibility of an early start at 9.00

We run 3 laps of 7 km and follow Klub 100's rules.

There is an opportunity to shower and change if you have a long way home.

There will be depot during and after the race: soft drinks, water, beer and various vegan snacks. And don't worry: sweets from Katjes and chips are vegan 😉

The route will be marked with flags, mine strips and arrows and I will send a link from Garmin to the participants a week before or post it here.

There will be a diploma and medals for everyone, and if you sign up no later than 3 days before, you will get your name engraved on the medal.

Price. 60 kroner which is transferred to 29760693

Write if you have special wishes regarding the name on the medal.

There is also the option to settle for a round race and the price is the same regardless of distance, as everyone gets the same excellent catering.

Money is provided return only if the race itself is cancelled.

Results will be posted here at the event.

Max 25 participants

1) Henriette Kallehauge: 2:05:31

2) Puk Jensen: 1:59:07

3) Lars Olsen: 1:57:44

4) Anna D. Lorenzen: 2:01:27

5) Ditte Rafn: 1:58:21

6) Louise Lundberg 2:57:51\ n 7) Maqbul Sharif 1:50:00

8 ) Brian Berg 2:11:39

9) Kenneth Pedersen 1:49:54

10) Maria Serup 1:57:34

11) Morten Ebbesen 1 :58:21

12) Majken Denmark 1:53:29

13) Jacob Meibom Hansen/aka Philip Tønnesen 1:48:34

14) Lene Juncher 2:12:56

15) Thomas MĂśrck 2: 05:25

16) Stefan Horslev 2:05:25

17) Torben Munksgaard 1:57:42

18) Ole Balle 1:40:43

19) Per Jørgensen 1:50:00

20 ) Rikke Moltke 2:39:34

21) Hanne Skov Andersen 2:38:34

22) Jane Lemming Egbo 2:38:35

23) Line Panduro 2:12:56

24) Marlene LillebĂŚk 2 :21:18

25) Stefan Tofte 2:21:10

26) Klavs Pedersen 2:03:11

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Vegan Run #1 Halvmarathon og rundeløb - early start klokken 9.00

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