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Vitten Marathon Majors Series 3/5 GPX 2023

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Key Information


The route is unmarked and is run according to GPX on your watch

The race is held in Frijsenborgskoven, the route is 10.6 km long. The route is on asphalt/gravel through forest and on land. The race follows Klub100 Rules

The start is off Vittenvej 98 8382 Hinnerup

Bring your own depot

There will be 1 depot in the middle (Water)

After the race there will be some delicious wet and dry

\ n Participants

At 16.30

Per Jakobsen

Jens Palm

Pia Marcussen

Michael Clausen

Jørgen Kudsk

Mette Brinck

Jonny Grønbek Mogensen

At 15.00

Lars Michael Rasmussen.

Camilla Thers Froberg

Linda Kempel

Jørgen Jakobsen

Claus Jeslund

Lena Nørgaard

Lone Dyrholm

Lars Simonsen


At 16.30

Per Jakobsen 4:23:21

Jens Palm 4:21:09

Pia Marcussen 4:45:33

Michael Clausen 4:31:10

Jørgen Kudsk 4:06:24

Mette Brinck 4:45:33

Jonny Grønbek Mogensen 4:10:16

At 15.00

Lars Michael Rasmussen 4:10:32

Camilla Thers Froberg 5:03:00

Linda Kempel DNF

Jørgen Jakobsen 3:50 :05

Claus Jeslund 3:50:05

Lena Nørgaard 3:50:05

Lone Dyrholm 4:10:25

Jens Mogensen 4:10:25

Lars Simonsen 5:03:00

\ n Marathon DKK 60 Get the entire series of 5 races for DKK 250 by registering before the first race 13/4 2023 Only 20 places Or on Facebook

Yes, please no

Vittenvej 98, 8382 Hinnerup

At 15.00 & 16.30 for the marathon

Link to GPX file

Race location

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